What Happens to Florida’s Critters in the Cold?

Iguanas plummeting to the ground in Miami is an indelible winter in Florida image. What happens to all of the other semi-tropical creatures when it gets cold? Where do the alligators go in chilly weather? Are there cold weather shelters for manatees? There are, to a degree, cold weather shelters for manatees. Hot springs, water… Continue reading What Happens to Florida’s Critters in the Cold?

The Epiphany Insurrection(s)

Last January 6th’s storming of the Capitol wasn’t the only Epiphany Insurrection. At the end of 1399, England’s King Richard II had lost the throne to King Henry IV. Richard’s supporters planned to attack Henry at a tournament on Epiphany, 1400. They would kill Henry, and restore Richard to the throne. Forewarned, Henry didn’t show.… Continue reading The Epiphany Insurrection(s)